paradigm shift in leadership

Designed for great impact in a compact time frame: a masterclass in leadership.

A powerful combination of information, inspiration, reflection and experience, gives the participants concrete insights they can apply to themselves and their organization. 

It is an interactive masterclass which will incite the participants to action and is fun to attend with team members or other colleagues.

  • Takes up to 3 hours maximum, can be scheduled flexibly throughout the day.
  • Suitable to be part of a larger learning and development programme or for stand-alone scheduling within the organization. Brings about depth and meaning to a team excursion.
  • An adjusted, shorter version is suitable for a larger audience.

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"I attended Koen´s masterclass “A paradigm shift in leadership”. It was a very interesting session in which I picked up new input and reflexions - both personally as well as professionally. The masterclass was well structured with a variety of content and exercises. Further Koen facilitated the class really professionally. I can absolutely recommend Koen´s work and skills." 

- Kristine Mattsson


"The Masterclass “A Paradigm Shift in Leadership” was a unique experience, informative and reflective. This combination made it a valuable to me learning about paradigms on leading others and myself. Koen guided us through the program in a inspiring, confident and calm way. He ‘owns’ what he is talking about. At the end of the masterclass I felt inspired, motivated and grounded again, focused with a 100% dedication on leading myself. Great stuff! I can highly recommend taking part at Koen's Masterclass."

- Thomas H. Herr

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