The Odin Development Compass (ODC) helps you gain insight into yourself, how far you have come in your personal development and what you have yet to develop. This powerful mix opens up a world of clarity and perspective on both a personal and professional level. 

The ODC measures your (unconscious) drives. The measurement, uniquely, uncovers to what extent you work and live from your natural strengths. In addition, it unveils your unused but present potential

The unused but present potential is formulated in concrete and tangible skills. Combined with a clear insight into yourself and your drives, you have the key to open the door to working and living with more energy and joy.

I am impressed by the impact of this instrument time and again.


I use my skills and experience as a thoroughly trained Senior Practitioner Coach to help you translate the results into razor-sharp insights. The ODC measurement is a powerful instrument and it calls for professional and thorough feedback sessions in order to fully benefit from it.
Therefor I always offer the ODC measurement as a course consisting of an exploratory interview and at least two feedback sessions.


The ODC can be used for personal and professional development:
– ODC for personal growth 
ODC for employees and teams (
ODC for leadership development (read more)

Please continue to read for an overview of what you can expect from an ODC measurement for personal growth.


An ODC measurement for personal development offers:

  • An overview of your field of natural strengths and insight into what extent you are using these in your work and life in general.
  • A starting point for the development of unused but present potential.
  • Insight into competences and skills you familiarized yourself with but which actually block you from living your full potential. A concrete tool for self-reflection in difficult and stressful situations. 
  • A rock solid foundation for choosing a new direction in life and work.

'The ODC measurement was surprisingly accurate but it was mainly Koen’s input which made it more concrete and understandable. Koen is a very good listener and observator and is able to notice the slightest signal thus enabling you to get to the core of your natural strengths and pitfalls. Very interesting when you’re stuck and wondering whether you are doing what actually fits you. I have only recently taken the ODC measurement course and it is all still sinking in. I am very happy I decided to do this with Koen.’

- Michelle Joosten

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