Beyond tips & Tricks

A leader cannot inspire, support and challenge unless he or she is able to consciously steer him- or herself and not become a plaything of circumstance and inner conflict. Only then can a leader bring out the best in others. Such conscious steering of oneself does not come easily!

I firmly believe true leadership development starts with personal development. Because wherever you go, your vulnerabilities follow. So in order to move beyond mere tricks and towards authentic leadership, you have to get to know yourself. Period.
That is why personal and professional development go hand in hand in the leadership development course. You will gain clear insight into yourself via the Odin Development Compass (ODC) and actively work on your unique way of leading. Click here for more info about the ODC.

The course for leadership development consists of:
  • Exploratory interview – setting clear expectations. 
  • ODC measurement – done online. 
  • Two intensive feedback sessions – actively working through the outcome of your ODC measurement and gain a clear view of your Leadership potential. In addition to the ODC report you will receive your ODC Leadership descriptions.
  • Five one-to-one coaching sessions intended to further integrate your unique Leadership potential, based on your everyday experiences.
  • Written feedback on the reflective reports you write after each session. 
  • Final writing assignment to further integrate all you have discovered, learned and experienced in relation to your personal and professional development.
  • A final meeting in which we will look back at the process you’ve been through, your writing assignment, the meaning of the experience and how it has contributed to further uncovering your Leadership potential.

‘Via my ODC report and the coaching sessions with Koen, I gained insight into my field of natural strengths and accompanying competences. This insight turned out to be very valuable in both my personal and professional life. It helped me during important moments of choice such as the sale of my company. And still I use both the ODC measurement and the sessions with Koen. Thus I keep working from my natural strengths and bring about the best in myself and my surroundings.’

- Sjoerd Keer

‘Koen asks questions that cause confronting self-reflection in a calm way. Resulting in positive and constructive insights. 
A walk through Mallorca’s beautiful nature. Koen lets you connect to yourself and creates space for the insight you could not see. Pure clarity. He brings about a revelation you did not know you had in you.’

- Jan van Iperen

Want to know more?

Contact me via mail@koenvanderwell.nl or call +31 6 28 27 76 87