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Sometimes you get pretty stuck on an issue. Or you’ve been having this troubling feeling something is wrong for a while but you can´t quite put your finger on it. This is a common thing. It´s simply a part of life. You can keep going round in circles, ending up feeling even more stuck. You can also support yourself by consulting a professional coach.

Ik begeleid individuen die vastlopen en dit aangrijpen om te werken aan hun persoonlijke en professionele ontwikkeling. Zodat zij weer, of nog meer, vanuit natuurlijke kracht leven en keuzes maken. Als professioneel coach richt ik een gesprek of traject in:

– aimed at growth powered by your own strength,
– in which I support and challenge you,
– in which you steer and decide,
– where joy and playfulness are a part of the proces too, and
– which is often supported by an ODC-measurement.



‘Someone recommended Koen to me. I felt I had quite some problems in different areas of my life. A few I had overcome, but some were still circling around in my head. The problem Koen had to solve for me was a very specific dilemma: academy of music yes or no? From a broader perspective: will I choose music or not?

My expectation of the conversation was that I would explain my dilemma to Koen and that he would simply tell me what the best decision would be for me. (Luckily) this is not what happened at all. 

After some small talk I sensed sharpness in his ability to listen as well in his counter-questions which unsettled me. Strangely enough I kind of liked this disordering! Further along the session this disordering developed into some kind of rearrangement. This enabled me to see the real problem, solely because of Koen’s counter-questions. Through this I could see that he would not be the one handing me the solution to my problem on a plate. No, I would have be the one doing that.

What Koen did was responding in a way which enabled me to think more clearly and look at my beliefs in a reflective way. Suddenly it became clear to me: my problem was not just about whether or not to choose music. Ultimately it was about a choice between living in fear or living in trust, about choosing between a negative or a positive self-image. It was about daring to chose living my life the way I most wanted to, or not. These insights were the starting point for a renewed view of myself, and of the world. A world which doesn’t feel dejected and scary, but a world which empowers me and in which I want to do what makes me happy. 

At the end of the conversation, in which I gathered all insights myself but they were kind of revived by Koen, I dared to say that I wanted to choose music for the first time. Just because it feels like the best thing to do. When Koen asked me to grab the guitar in the corner of the room and play a song, it confirmed that feeling.’ 

– Pijke de Grood – Singer & Songwriter

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