for employees

Investing in the personal development of employees is a long-lasting way to help them excel in their professional development. After all these go hand in hand. 

An ODC measurement course for employees includes a thorough exploratory interview and at least two feedback sessions. What to expect:

  • Valuable input for a realistic personal development plan.
  • A concrete starting point to actively work on developing unused potential (skills) via coaching.
  • A prediction of behavior under pressure as well as the uncovering of what triggers this behavior.
  • The support and challenge to bring out the very best out of themselves, will bring about the motivation, ability and energy to contribute (even more) to the success and growth of the organization.
ODC FOR teams

A clear image of a team arises when the individual results of the ODC measurements are stacked (placed on top of each other). This image shows:

  • The main strengths and unused potential within the team.
  • The most vulnerable areas within the current composition of the team.
  • The underrepresented skills (valuable information with regards to the objectives of the team).
  • The fragile skills which can limit and even block success.

These insights can be used to optimize the composition of the team or adjust it’s objectives. Before the actual team scan itself, each team member will take the individual ODC measurement course. The results of the team scan will be presented and discussed in an interactive ODC feedback session for the whole team.


‘At first, I was skeptical about coaching via FaceTime but I sure changed my mind. Working with Koen from my familiar surroundings was very nice and my conversations with Koen were valuable to me. Via the ODC measurement, he coached me to gain true insight into myself. And, unexpectedly, I experienced a difference immediately (as did my manager)! 

In addition to becoming aware of my natural strength, I have started to feel different: stronger. I feel much more connected to my strength than before. My contact with Koen was very pleasant, I considered him respectful, skilful and competent, a nice person to discuss personal matters with! I consider the ODC measurement course and the additional coaching sessions as a gift to myself :)’

- reference available upon request

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