A matter of development

Imagine: Team members work together well and goals are being achieved. Still, there is a desire to become even better and gain more insight into each other and team dynamics. Or: The team is having a hard time, is under pressure and constantly being overtaken by events. True understanding and trust is difficult. The energy is scattered - not bundled.

Whether it is one of these two ends of the spectrum or a situation somewhere in between, the essence is a matter of development. How does a team develop itself from good to even better? How does a team develop from a group of individuals to a collaborative collective?

Often when such a development question arises, external support is called in. An essential part of long-lasting team team development is often overlooked in the process: the personal development of each team member. I firmly believe that long-lasting team development starts with each individual team member. 

a program for long-lasting team development

Preferably the individual is the starting point for any program for long-lasting team development: step by step and from the inside out.

Step 1  Self-insight via the (individual) ODC measurement
Step 2  Team-insight via the ODC teamscan
Step 3  Learning, developing, integrating

STEP 1 - self-insight

Each team member first has an exploratory interview and than takes the individual ODC measurement course to learn about:

  • Natural Strength: Competences which you have learned, developed and mastered in life. When you practice these skills, your energy level is high. Become aware of these natural qualities and use them to your greatest advantage.
  • Natural Potential: Competences which you have not yet learned to use and practice in your personal and professional life, but which you are very capable of developing and mastering. This potential is your goldmine for personal and professional growth. Invest actively in this potential and turn it into Natural Strength.
  • Fragile Strength: Competences you have learned to practice in life, generally you have worked hard to become good at these skills. The crux however is that these skills do not necessarily come natural to you. Under pressure these fragile strengths will turn into “distorted” and less effective behavior. Be aware when you practice these skills!
  • Unknown Areas: Resistant limitations, areas you are likely to be neither interested in nor keen on to develop. Please do not try to master these competences as they require excessive energy.

From self-insight to concrete team insight. A clear image of a team arises when the individual results of the ODC measurements are stacked (placed on top of each other). This image shows:

  • The main strengths and unused potential within the team.
  • The most vulnerable areas within the current composition of the team.
  • The underrepresented skills (valuable information with regards to the objectives of the team).
  • The fragile skills which can limit and even block success.

The results of the team scan will be presented and discussed in an interactive ODC feedback session for the whole team. Team members also learn about each other's strengths, potential, and vulnerabilities. This makes it possible to truly support and strengthen each other. The foundation for joint development will be created: trust.


Now that the actual needs and challenges are clear, targeted learning and development are possible via training, master classes and team coaching. All custom-made according to the team’s needs. Possibly some team members receive additional coaching on individual themes that require a bit more attention. It is a step-by-step process in which personal and professional development go hand in hand. During this process, the energy gets less and less scattered and more and more bundled.


‘It was a special experience to go through an ODC team program as a team, with Koen. The aim was to gain insight into each other's talents and potential. This benefits the current collaboration, we now seek each other out more, are focused on the talents of the colleagues and the growth in cooperation is felt. Also, issues are expressed more directly towards each other, thus creating more open dialogue. It is nice to experience consciously beginning to move with my colleagues, it leads to good results.

First, veryone first went through a very personal ODC measurement process.

The ODC measurement provides great insight into your natural strengths.I would wish even just that for everyone.The way Koen did that was really very nice, a beautiful gift!

While working through the ODC team scan, Koen showed us and let us experience, how our strengths and vulnerabilities influence team dynamics. Through a conversation exercise, which we designed ourselves, we gained insight and appreciation for each other's strength and vulnerability. A valuable process to undergo with the team, all under the fine supervision of Koen. Highly recommend.’   

– Sandra Lazaroms

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