When dealing with personal issues or professional challenges, it often works to step out of your everyday context for a bit. The distance from home, work and repeating dynamics can help you gain perspective, especially with professional support.

I coach individuals who come to Mallorca to work on the things that matter greatly to them. Whether it is a pressing problem or you simply want work on your personal or professional development, the island of Mallorca is a beautiful place to do it. Ideal in combination with ODC Leadership Development.

We’ll create a two- or three-day custom-made programme, tuned to your goal. For example a combination of coaching sessions, supported by an ODC-measurement, and some activities in nature and Palma de Mallorca. Of course you also need enough time for yourself and time to reflect. 

Mallorca team building, coaching and more ...

These days, keeping the best people connected to you and each other is as important as finding them. There are many ways to do exactly that!

You and your team are very welcome to visit the stunning island of Mallorca .... click on the image for more information and inspiration.

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Depth on Mallorca 

It caused some tension beforehand, based on a gut feeling I had decided to add an extra dimension to our annual weekend away and involve a coach: Koen. 

A pleasant incidental circumstance is the fact that Koen lives on beautiful Mallorca, a part of childhood memories for most group members. Through one of them I had heard very good stories about Koen’s method and personality, his openness and ability to accept people as they are and help them grow. Body language, appearance and eyes that radiate trust: Koen made sure there was a feeling of trust and acceptance for me and the whole group right away. Within the first minute.

A long, long walk through Mallorca’s beautiful nature. Walking side by side, a perfect opportunity for one-to-one introductions in an organic way. Not a sense of obligation. Mental relaxation during physical exercise. Movement. A refreshing swim at the end of a wonderful hike. After that good food. It was a natural way for Koen to get to know the group and the individuals. And for us it was a natural way to get to know Koen. The smoothness of it all demonstrated his strength. Relaxed confidence.

Koen’s analytical and perceptive capacity were shown during a group coaching session the next day: clear and recognizable observations of each individual, and of the group as a whole.

Then Koen coached us as a group (simultaneously) but individually by going through a funnel of questions (each individual could interpret these for himself so it was quite personal). This resulted in individual insights oriented towards a solution accompanied by a concrete plan of action, a clear moment of action and an indication of the willingness to actually execute their own plan. 

For me personally, this experience not only confirmed the direction I had already chosen but particularly sharpened my plan of action. All through a deepening on a personal level.

What touched me most about the contact with Koen is how natural the communication is. Perhaps it is best described as a friend you did not know you had but who quickly asks the personal questions to which the answers (to yourself, not him) suddenly reveal the essence or tipping point. 

Because of this pure, intrinsically personal approach I highly recommend Koen van der Well for both personal and team coaching."

– Jan van Iperen

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