the coach

I am Koen van der Well. I coach individuals and teams regarding both personal and professional issues. I have a wide range of clients: private individuals, employees, directors, entrepreneurs and management teams. They have in common the will to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and they dare to take responsibility for their growth. 

I am grateful to be working with unique individuals and teams time and again at such key moments in their lives.

In order to offer these unique individuals the coaching they deserve, I am thoroughly trained as a Senior Practitioner Coach at the Coaching Academy International and accredited by Odin Company to work with the Odin Development Compass (certified ODC-professional level 1 & 2). In addition to this, I previously worked in commerce, business development and project management.

Nowadays I live with my wife in Palma de Mallorca where we built our new life under the Spanish sun. I prefer living with a smile on my face, enjoy a glass of good wine and yes: I am a great fan of Spanish cuisine.

In general, I work via FaceTime or Skype. Experience shows that many clients appreciate being in the comfort of their homes or work environments during their sessions. Though at times it can be quite valuable to step out of your daily routine and reflect on yourself from a new perspective. That’s why I also offer custom-made programs for individuals, groups and teams right here on Mallorca. Of course I also work in-company: I'm an energetic person and work worldwide.

I love this work. Combining my natural strength of connecting with people, their stories and experiences with my sharp perceptiveness and calmness gives me energy. It is also exactly what you can expect of me as your coach.

‘I did the ODC measurement in the summer of 2018 and discussed the results with Koen via Skype. What a valuable, interesting and fun thing to do. I think focussing on your own strength and potential is a beautiful approach. And the interaction with Koen brings about so much positive energy! It is very pure, sincere and with undivided attention. His experience of life is noticeable. He shares aspects of his life in a pleasant way. 
Going through this process started awareness and gave me insights to take up further in both my work and my further (personal) development.
Going through a process like this with Koen is truly enriching and a good investment in yourself as a human being.’
– Natasja Frederiks

‘I would wish a conversation with Koen for everybody. Sometimes you don’t realize which doors have been closed until you open them.’

- Jonas Rosenstok 

Want to know more?

Contact me via mail@koenvanderwell.nl or call +31 6 28 27 76 87